Dutch Quality Stone Limited Warranty

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Dutch Quality Stone products are offered with a limited warranty. Dutch Quality Stone Limited Warranty is not limited to the original purchaser but covers the stone regardless of whether ownership of the building changes. This warranty runs with the transfer of the property to subsequent owners of the property into which the warranted products have been incorporated, but the warranty period as to such subsequent owners is limited to 50 years from the sale date of the manufactured stone or brick veneer.

What the Dutch Quality Stone Limited Warranty covers

This warranty covers only manufacturing defects in Dutch Quality Stone manufactured stone or brick veneer. Dutch Quality Stone manufacturing process has been designed to imitate the random beauty and nature of real stone. As such, stone surfaces may contain small air holes or surface anomalies. These differences add to the overall character of the stone and are not considered manufacturing defects. Changes in the appearance of Dutch Quality Stone products caused by normal weathering or efflorescence, which is a natural phenomenon of all concrete products, are also not considered manufacturing defects. Normal weathering is defined as exposure to sunlight and extremes of weather and atmosphere, which will cause any colored surface to fade, chalk, or accumulate dirt or stains.

What the Dutch Quality Stone Limited Warranty

does not cover

As you can imagine, the Dutch Quality Limited Warranty can’t cover things like mold or damage from dropping or construction.  Construction materials are also not covered, these include mortar, lath, weather resistant barriers, doors, windows, sealants, flashings, roofing, copings, sheathing, and framing.

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