What is Farmledge

Farmledge is a product from Stonecraft that mimics the look of the 1800’s construction style.  As the story goes in the early 1800’s farmers would remove rocks from their land in preparation for crops and livestock, often stacking the stones into long walls to help divide properties. It was estimated around 1871 that over 250,000 miles of stone walls existed across New England and New York.

The irregular stone shapes, sizes and textures of Farmledge have been molded into panels to re-create the time honored look of stacked stone with the benefit of a simplified installation. Farmledge stone panels are approximately 4.875″ high with varying lengths ranging from 7.75″–19.75″.  The product is dry stacked and has three variations including “Hamilton”, “Ridley” and “Westchester” as seen below

Farmledge Examples